Meribonk Bimsy Wigdetfizzle

Forest Gnome Druid from the wilds of the Fae-wyld


The Story of Irembonk and Meribonk
Gnomes are a very long lived race. Because of this, births are very rare and causes for celebration. The birth of twins doubly so. In the village of Noggle’s Hollow, near Vale in the Fae-Wyld Forest, the births of Meribonk Bimsy and Irembonk (name) was quite an auspicious occasion for the Wigdetfizzle family. A grand party was held in their honor the week of their birth.
Although, they appear the same on the outside, inside Meri and Irem couldn’t be more different. While Meri is capricious and carefree, Irem is stoic and studious. Meri is happy in the company of others, Irem prefers time alone with her studies. However, beneath Meri’s mercurial nature lies some of Irem’s calm, under Irem’s taciturn nature lies some of Meri’s impulsiveness. They both share an intense curiosity of the world.
In their adolescence, their magical abilities emerged and again, the difference between the twins showed in their talents. Irem’s disciplined mind is focused on arcane powers, Meri’s magical skill led her to a more natural pursuit.

In her early thirties, the Gnomish equivalent of her teens, Irem left Noggle’s Hollow to pursue her arcane studies in the Collegiate Arcanum. At the same time Meri left to explore the deeper reaches of the Fae-Wyld Forrest.

Though they haven’t seen each other in over a decade, the special bond the twins share has kept them close.

Meribonk Bimsy Wigdetfizzle

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