The World as We Know It

2000 years ago the sky went out. No sun, no moon, no stars. A great cold descended. This period we call The Long Night. Guided by the prophesies of Rando and the other seers and mystics of Hurn, the Dwarven empire of Westlund built refugee centers, great buildings known as Hearth halls. In these halls, the peoples of the land lived and waited, told stories and forgot much. Only the most anti social and violent were turned away, forced to survive the ice and darkness unaided. Long centuries passed, until, finally, the rising of the sun. A New Dawn for all the people of the world. Thus has it gone. Nearly 1600 years have passed People live, people love. People hate, people die. Hurn recovers, and with it, the dreams and ambitions of every race, every person.

D&D5E: Off the Rails

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